The 25 Sales Habits of Highly_ Stephan Schiffman

In the previous chapter, I discussed how important it is to
lead your customer to where you (ideally) both want to
go. But that begs the question, why would anyone want
to follow you?
The reason is simple. It’s because you are a leader. The
best salespeople are—and that obviously means more than
being the person with the highest sales for the month or
the year. That’s a superficial way to measure leadership—
especially sales leadership.
A number of things factor into sales leadership. One of
the most important is product knowledge. You know your
product or service better than anyone else on the planet.


Ask important questions. Ask real questions. If you need
to rely on “How’s the weather?” or “Have a nice weekend?”
for your opening, fine. But thereafter, base everything you
ask on a simple principle: Never waste the prospect’s time.
That may seem like an obvious point, but it certainly isn’t
treated like one by most salespeople! Know when it’s time
to move beyond the litany of pointless observations on
décor, golf, the weather, or whatever. You came here on a
business appointment. There will come a point at which
your client will be ready to move past the small talk. Do
so, tactfully.


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