How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour, Les Leopold

even worry about whether, as a newly minted hedge-fund billion-
aire, you might be undermining democracy itself. That ’s a heavy

load—so heavy, in fact, that it might keep you from concentrating
fully on making a million an hour. We understand. No one wants
to be accused of wrecking society.
Well, don ’t fret. We ’ve got you covered on all fronts. As you ’ll
soon see, I ’m obsessed with these questions. I ’m especially worried

about whether the million-an-hour crowd produces anything pos-
itive at all for our society and economy.


So, you want to make a million dollars an hour? Who
wouldn ’t? Just think of what you could do. Work ten minutes
and buy yourself a Ferrari. Work another half hour and retire.
Or tough it out for just one day and make as much as the average
family makes in 179 years!
You ’re about to learn the secrets that enabled America ’s top
hedge-fund managers to pull down astounding sums in the space
of minutes.

Maybe you ’re a little hesitant, though. You have a few ques-
tions you need answered fi rst. Like, what would you have to do,

exactly? What is a hedge fund, anyway? How does it make so
much money? And do you have to be Einstein to get that rich?
If you ’re a do-gooder, you might also want to know whether
running a hedge fund does any harm. Does it suck blood from the
poor around the world? Does it rob widows and orphans? Does it
profi t from arms smuggling or global warming?


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