Meet the Founder, the Author & the Visionary

Zadih Cadyma, the Entrepreneur, Author, and Innovator with more than 30 years in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management.

Visionary service and product developer with deep education in research and analytics.  Started his journey at age 12 in DRC, Central Africa, a place with limited opportunities.  Moved to North America in search of excellence; in the process, he created businesses for himself and numerous clients throughout the United States of America.  He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the CFE Companies including Cfe Tax Services; CFE Accounting; CFE Consulting; CFE Consulting International; CFE Publishing; CFE Charities; CFE Properties corporation, CFE Publishing, and Money Masters International Inc.

After his MBA at U OF A, He devoted his life to helping others start their own businesses and solving their financial issues as well.

As a visionary and an accomplished business guru, he has a multi-lingual and creative strategy that are highly regarded for championing innovative design solutions that integrate and anticipate consumer trends while remaining captivating and unique.  Out-of-the-box thinker who delivers key strategic insights while orchestrating content, narrative, and creativity across high-profile projects for growing businesses.  Known as a decisive leader and excellent communicator who guides diverse clients’ portfolio needs.  He is recognized for helping multilayered, high-visibility, revenue-driving events while delivering holistic experiential marketing platforms. He has a proven track record of delivering one-of-a-kind results that exceed lofty expectations.

Mission Statement

  • Helping any capable and willing individual to achieve his or her potential and entrepreneurial goals.
  • Treating my daily 86400 seconds as a commodity
  • I will cherish every given moment as the best time of my life and not let anyone steal from it.
  • Every second is a gift from the divine and creator of the universe.
  • I will use this time to achieve my highest potential & will do the same for like-minded individuals as well.
  • I will fulfill my divine purpose in life and I will share my Unique gift with the rest of the universe