Make Yourself A Millionaire – Zhang, Chen-Zhang

Write down what your goals and fears are. Come up with a posi-
tive statement about how you will reach your goals, thus crushing

your fears. Although much has been said about the power of positive

thinking, the effects cannot be denied. The more positive your out-
look, the more good will come your way. Think about it. The last time

you were in a bad mood, did you affect those around you so their
moods turned sour, too? Similarly, when you smile at people, the
more likely they are to smile back at you. The more positive your
thoughts are about money, the more good things will happen.
One more thing, it’s important to remember that fears come in
different forms than just self-doubt. Many times family members or
loved ones will instill doubt in us. This may come in the form of,
“Why do you think you can do that?” or other statements along those

lines. Whatever the reason for these statements, don’t let them dis-
courage you. Only you can change the way you think. Keep a smile

on your face and a glint in your eye, because you can become as
wealthy as you want to be. By having a more positive outlook, you
may see a change in them, too.


now. Plus, if you had known then what you know now (i.e., when to
buy and sell Yahoo! or Microsoft), would you have done what it takes
to become rich off the stock market? Probably not. Buying low and
selling high go against human nature. Just ask the man who bought
Yahoo! at more than $150 per share and watched the share price

plummet to around $12 per share. The meteoric rise of the stock mar-
ket in the 1990s was an abnormality. Will the stock market continue

to go up? Sure, historically speaking over the long term it will. (See
Figure 1.1) But the markets will continue to rise and fall all the time.
Will it skyrocket the way it did in the 90s? No one can say. Investors
today are smarter, younger, and have more time to wait to make the
returns they want. For those who are trying to make their first or their
umpteenth million, today’s market serves as a lesson of hurry up and
wait. This is a road that the average investor just shouldn’t travel
alone. Here’s the first secret that many wealthy people know: Hire a
financial advisor to do some of the worrying for you.


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