To naive investors, market value tells all they need to know to score a
good deal. Buy for less than market value, that’s great! Pay more, and you

made a mistake. Compounding this error, naïve investors judge poss-
ibilities in terms of comparable properties. They let similar competitors

dictate the benchmarks for their fi x-ups, renovations, and pricing.
Naïve investors make money, but they miss far greater profi ts. If

you adopt an entrepreneurial eye for opportunity, you pocket these ex-
tra profi ts. You look at market value as one data point—but only one. As

Donald Trump rightly boasts, “We fi gure out ways to break through the
comps on every one of our projects.”
Think about it like this. If you own a share of IBM, that share is
just like every other IBM share (of the same stock class). When you
sell, market value rules. No one achieves a price
higher than market value. Likewise, neither you nor
anyone else need sell at a price less than market
value. At any given time, that one share of IBM has
one and only one price.


Would you like to double or triple your money in 12 months or less?
Would you like to build quick profi ts of $10,000, $20,000, $100,000,
or more—even though you lack cash or strong credit? Do you want to
learn a moneymaking skill that you can put to work anywhere in North
America (or, for that matter, almost anywhere in the world)? Would you
prefer to work (full- or part-time) without set hours and without a boss
looking over your shoulder? Would you like to achieve mid- to long-term
fi nancial freedom and personal independence?
If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, I’ve written this book
for you.

In this book, you will learn how to earn big profi ts as you entrepre-
neurially create value for the buyers and tenants of your properties.


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