How to Make Big Money In Your Own – Jeffrey J.

the brains are. Small business creates all of the net new

jobs the U.S. economy generates each year. Small busi-
ness generates fourteen times more patents per em-
ployee than the big fortune 1000 companies with

massive research and development (R&D) budgets.
And small business is where the action is. The small
business owner does more different things in a day than
the CEO of a Fortune 500 company does in a month.

Unlike top executives in big companies, the small busi-
ness owner sells, buys, borrows, bills, collects, pays,

invents, innovates, changes, guesses, decides, risks…
and does so every single day.
The competent small business owner goes to bed

every night worrying and thinking about meeting pay-
roll, paying suppliers, paying back the banks, solving

problems, bringing in more revenues, doing the right
things, and doing the right things right. And every
morning the small business owner gets up and finds a

way to do what he or she has to do to make the enter-
prise succeed.


If you want your own small business, or if you own
a small business, this book is for you.
Small business is where the money is. Five percent

of American taxpayers pay 51 percent of the entire in-
come taxes paid in the United States. That’s very few

folks paying very big money! Of that top 5 percent of
big money taxpayers, 65 percent are small business
owners. The average income of these small business
owners is over $400,000. That’s big money!
According to government statistics there are at least
25 million small businesses in the United States (a
“small business” is one with fewer than 500 employees,


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