The economy and the real estate market are cyclical. Over

the next three years as interest rates rise and the hous-
ing market cools, there are going to be many foreclosure

opportunities. There is a lot of money to be made in the real
estate foreclosure market. You have to be very knowledgeable
about traditional foreclosures before you get involved with
short-sale foreclosures.
We are going to spend some time training you in the
foreclosure process. Every area has a slightly different method
on how it handles foreclosure procedures; however, the basic
process is the same most everywhere.
What varies from one area to another is the time periods
allowed for foreclosure. Do not get too caught up in what
may seem to be very technical information. We present this
information so you can get the sense of what is involved in
a foreclosure. Use this chapter as your foreclosure reference


To make money in short-sale foreclosures you must
first understand foreclosures. Two strategies to make
money in foreclosures are quick cash and long-term
wealth building. Some real estate investors employ the real
estate investment strategy of long-term wealth building.
In long-term wealth building you buy and hold property for

income and appreciation. This can be a very effective strat-
egy in areas of the country that experience very high rates of

price appreciation, such as California and the Northeast.
Once you invest your money in real estate, however,
it can be difficult to liquidate or sell your assets quickly.
Because real estate is the biggest-ticket item for most people,
there are the fewest number of buyers in the marketplace

compared to most other commodities. The quick cash strat-
egy addresses the problem historically associated with real

estate investing: the lack of liquidity.


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