Grow Rich With Peace of Mind -Napoleon Hill

Never believe you don’t have what it takes. Probably you
are reading under an electric light. You know that Thomas A.
Edison gave the first practical electric light to the world. But
did you know that Edison was thrown out of school in the early
grades after his teacher decided he had an “addled” mind and
could not take schooling?
This then was the impact of another person’s opinion upon
Thomas Edison-to let him know with the voice of authority

that he didn’t have what it takes to absorb even a primary edu-
cation! Where would he have been if he had allowed this direc-
tive to take charge of his thinking?


the dream you wish to make real and solid. Know thyself, said
the ancient Greek philosophers, and this remains key advice
for the man who would be in all ways wealthy. Without
knowing yourself and being yourself, you cannot truly use the
one Great Secret which gives you power to mold your future
and make life carry you the way you want to go.
Let us then take off on our trip to Happy Valley!
Do not think of me as a back-seat driver. Rather, you are at
the wheel and I merely call your attention to a trustworthy road
map whereon the main highway is marked beyond question.
On your journey to riches and peace of mind, the road grows
smoother and straighter as you travel.


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