Make Money in Abandoned Properties – Chantal Howell Carey, Bill Carey

the Sierra Nevadas on the east side of San Francisco Bay. The
work could be lonely, diffi cult, and the object of ridicule by
people in the know who knew that the prospectors were
wasting their time.
In 1849, gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill. This was
the beginning of the California gold rush. It turned out that

there was gold in them thar’ hills! Today, the professional foot-
ball team in San Francisco is called the San Francisco 49ers in

recognition of those prospectors, known as forty-niners, who
put San Francisco on the map. Needless to say, the prospectors
who staked out their claims early were the ones who were
more likely to strike it rich.
Abandoned property is the undiscovered real estate
investment gold mine of the next three to fi ve years. Just as

the gold in California was already there waiting to be discov-
ered, abandoned property is already there in your area waiting

to be discovered. And who better to discover it than you?


ave you ever been driving through your neighborhood
and noticed a property that looked like it needed

some work? Perhaps the fence had some pickets miss-
ing. The garage door could use a new coat of paint. Maybe

the grass was three weeks past being mowed. Newspapers
were accumulating in the driveway. Multiple pizza fl yers were
rubber-banded to the handle of the front door.
Is this a property wherein the owners have no pride
of ownership? Is the property owner’s lawn mower in the
repair shop? Is this a property of owners who went on a

vacation and forgot to stop the newspaper? Do these prop-
erty owners never go in and out the front door? Or is this a

property that has been abandoned by the owners?
Your curiosity gets the better of you. You decide to watch
the property to see if anyone is coming or going. You see no
signs of human activity. You drive by at night to see if there are
any lights on. The property is always dark.
One day you decide to stop and ring the doorbell. No
one answers. You notice the bird droppings on the front stoop
from the nest in the entry eaves. Talk about disgusting. Why
don’t the property owners clean up this mess? They are not
around to notice. The property owners have walked away
from their property.


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