Free Money to change your life – Matthew Lesko, Andrew Naprawa

My fear of failure was one of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome to achieve
something worthwhile with my life. By being so afraid of failing, I did everything on the safe
side. I followed the rules I’d learned in school, or the advice of one expert after another.
But none of it worked, and as a consequence, my first two businesses were crashing
failures. I’m probably the only person who had a computer software business back in the
mid 1970s that failed, and I honestly believe one of the reasons was because I had an
MBA in Computer Science.


Money will not solve your problems. It seems that it will, but ask anyone who has made a
lot of cash, quick. There’s always some motivational talk show person with a monetary
cyclone to offer that promises to make millionaires of us all. They dangle dollars as bait.
An inspiring author, a stimulating seminar, or a self help guru to guide you along is usually
part of the deal, too. We tell ourselves this person has figured out the mysteries of
success, and if we read a book or attend a seminar, some of it will rub off, and all of our
problems will suddenly disappear. That’s precisely what all of these fast talkers hope for.
The more people who fall for their line, the
more money they pull in. All the while,
they’re busy developing their next “get rich”
scheme to hype to anyone willing to listen.
Their ideas for success are like puffy clouds
that suddenly materialize, quickly change
form, and just as suddenly disappear.


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