Make Your Business Survive and Thrive – Priscilla Y. Huff

profits enable them to quit their disliked day jobs. The U.S. Small Business Ad-
ministration (SBA) says that the number of part-time businesses has steadily in-
creased since the mid-1980s and are expected to increase by about 10 percent

each year.
Valerie Young quit her corporate 9-to-5 job after seven years to found the
web site that presently has 25,000 subscribers to her free

electronic newsletter. She now writes and consults about changing one’s direc-
tion in life and leads nationwide workshops that encourage people to tap into

creative ways to make a living without a job so they can start living new lives
doing work they love. Young says, “I decided a long time ago to put my money
angst on hold and instead focus on finding my passion, my path, my way. Now,
I work for meaning, not money.”


facing a crisis in health care, the cost of which is rising at three times the rate of
inflation. Workers who do have health insurance are paying more for it and will
pay even more as the majority of employers plan to pass health care costs to
their employees.
The Kaiser Family Foundation ( states also that women are the

major consumers of health care services and often seek coverage for their fam-
ilies as well. The AFL-CIO also says that women’s access to care is often com-
plicated by their disproportionately lower incomes and greater responsibilities

juggling work and family (
In contrast, entrepreneurs have decided that if they are going to pay more
for health care insurance, they are going to search for the best plans that meet
their needs. As entrepreneurs, they are paying for the entire cost, but by joining
business ownership organizations, they often find better coverage at lower
group rates. The good news is that health care insurance coverage and costs are
deductible expenses for business owners (check with your accountant or other
financial experts to learn how this pertains to your individual situation).


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