Make Money With Condominiums and townhouses – Eldred G.W.

◆ “The prices of houses seem to have reached a plateau, and
there is reasonable expectancy that prices will decline”
(Time, December 1, 1947).

◆ “Houses cost too much for the mass market. Today’s aver-
age price is around $8,000—out of reach for two-thirds of

all buyers” (Science Digest, April 1948).
◆ “If you have bought your house since the War . . . you have
made your deal at the top of the market. . . .The days when
you couldn’t lose on a house purchase are no longer with
us” (House Beautiful, November 1958).
◆ “The goal of owning a home seems to be getting beyond
the reach of more and more Americans. The typical new

house today costs about $28,000” (Business Week, Septem-
ber 4, 1969).

◆ “Be suspicious of the ‘common wisdom’ that tells you to
‘Buy now . . . because continuing inflation will force home

prices and rents higher and higher’” (NEA Journal, Decem-
ber 1970).

◆ “The median price of a home today is approaching
$50,000. . . . Housing experts predict that in the future
price rises won’t be that great” (Nations Business, June


If you’re like most people these days, you would like to find a safe
investment that yields high returns. You probably know that you

could profit big in real estate, but you hesitate to take on the part-
time job of landlording.What to do? Invest in condominiums.

In the beginning you will need to put forth some effort to
learn the market. Once you’re past that step, though, the condos

will operate on automatic pilot most of the time.


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