Awakening the Entrepreneur Within – Michael E. Gerber

have helped countless readers transform dreams into workable ideas,

ideas into empires, and even failing companies into resounding suc-
cesses. Now, in Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, he grabs your

heart, mind, and entire psyche all at once to show you how you can
enter the Dreaming Room and create the previously unimaginable. I
had so many “Aha!” moments while reading this book that I simply
could not set it aside until I had absorbed every word. It could—no, it

will—be your personal awakening; your life changer.


In 1976, my wife Margie and I came to California on a sabbatical
leave. I had just been promoted to full professor with tenure at
the University of Massachusetts and Margie had just completed her
Ph.D. there. Our intention was to stay in California for one year. That

was more than thirty years ago. What happened? We caught the en-
trepreneurial bug. We decided to start our own leadership training

and development company to pursue our dream of working with
people we loved, making a difference in the world, and having fun. At
that time we couldn’t even spell the word “entrepreneur,” and now we
are ones! With offices in Escondido, California, Toronto, and London,
plus partnerships in thirty nations, we have three hundred people
working with us. By all standards we have been successful but, boy,
has it been a bumpy ride.


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