How to Make Money with Youtube – Brad Schepp, Debra Schepp

if making money can also mean saving on advertising expenses
and branding costs, then please stay tuned.
Throughout the pages of this book, we’re going to introduce you
to individuals and company representatives who are convinced that
YouTube changed their lives. You’ll meet comedians who now earn
stipends as YouTube partners. You’ll meet public relations officers
who report more than 1,000 percent increases in their sales as a
result of their YouTube presence. You’ll meet sales and marketing
executives from Fortune 500 companies who are now so smitten
with the success they’ve realized on YouTube they may never plan

another advertising campaign without it.


It isn’t often that we get to witness a life-changing innovation. Our
parents spoke of their first television sets with an enthusiasm those

of us who grew up with the device couldn’t quite appreciate. Hon-
estly, did people gather in one house in the neighborhood just to

watch Milton Berle? In many ways, the following generations have
been extraordinarily fortunate. Not only did we see the arrival of
the Internet and all that came with it—e-mail, instant messaging,
online shopping, online banking, global positioning systems, just to
name a few—but we’ve also seen the arrival of Web 2.0 technologies.
Social networking and social media have changed the Internet
almost as much as the Internet has changed us.

Thanks to YouTube and other social media sites, each one of

us can take center stage and present our views of life to a world-
wide audience. For the very first time, individuals have access to

the same broad audience once reserved for major television net-
works and their wealthy advertisers.


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