Finish What You Start The Art of Following Through, Taking Action, Executing, & Self-Discipline – Finish What You Start (Peter Hollins)

But every time I walked through my garage to my car, the canoe was a
damning reminder of my laziness and inability to follow through. It wore on
me until I committed myself to finishing it a couple of summers later. You

can probably guess what happened. The first week went great, the second
week was moderate, and the third week I was already running on fumes.


What exactly is finishing what you start and following through? You havZ may heard these phrases before, but what do they mean?
To me, they mean making your intentions reality. Too often, we’ll say we’ll
do something, and we might even start it one lucky weekend. But at the first
sign of hardship, fatigue, boredom, or busyness, we abandon it all too easily
and it sits in our garage (mental, figurative, or literal) for the rest of eternity.
Finishing what you start and following through is breaking through that
common loop and taking hold of your life.
My personal experience with finishing what I start has been checkered. One
summer, I promised myself that I would carve a wooden canoe, about 12
inches long and 3 inches wide. Not too big, but a sufficient challenge for
someone with no woodworking experience. The first week, I made a
considerable dent in my wood block. The second week, my hands were sore
and the new Star Wars movie was out. The third week, I was too busy
seeing Star Wars again and procrastinating. My wooden canoe wasn’t
meant to be.


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