Think and Grow Rich! – Think and Grow Rich (Merta)

“I just bought a new edition of Think and Grow Rich! by Napoleon Hill. It’s a collection of interviews with the richest people in the world, to find out the secret of their success. I must’ve read it 20 times.”


“I first read Think and Grow Rich! 30 years ago at age 18. I found it to be the most fascinating book I had or have ever read, excluding the word of God. It is much more than instructions on how to obtain wealth. It strengthens your spirit, your soul, and promotes the proper attitude to achieve peace, endurance, and a loving family—the real measures of success in life. My life has been richly blessed as a result of reading and rereading Think and Grow Rich! Dr. Hill performed a wonderful work for mankind and was a useful vessel for God when he wrote this book for all people and all ages. I know all readers will be enriched upon reading this new edition of Think and Grow Rich!


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