MONEY Master the Game – 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom (Tony Robbins)

Suddenly, a new world was opened to me; if I could make any unpleasant
task just pleasant enough by pairing it with something I enjoyed, I could
plow my way through just about anything. It was a small realization like
this that led me to study the science of following through and executing,
despite the human brain’s instinctual resistance to doing so.


I was fortunate to learn about temptation bundling some time shortly
thereafter, which provided the boost for me to finish my canoe. Briefly, as
temptation bundling will be a major theme later in the book, temptation
bundling is when you combine an obligatory (and undesirable) task with an
instantaneous reward. When you can bribe yourself into working hard,
suddenly finishing what you start isn’t a massive exercise in willpower—
it’s the pursuit of something pleasurable, if only by association.
The reward I bundled the canoe carving with was listening to my favorite
albums—something we rarely have time for these days. When’s the last
time you listened to your favorite album from beginning to end without


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