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Right now, your competitors are using social media tools to advance their personal and corporate brands, generate revenue, increase customer loyalty, and recruit top talent in order to gain leverage in your industry. Do you want to be shut out and close your operations? A few years ago, social media tools could give you a clear advantage in the marketplace, but now they are mandatory for reaching customers, building relationships, and becoming a recognized name. In 2008, cause-related marketing firm Cone ( released a study stating that 93 percent of Americans believe companies should have a social media presence, and 85 percent believe companies should also interact and engage with their audience.


To Scott, for supporting every new opportunity I pursue on and off the social Web and for sending me blog post ideas when I’m too busy to think straight.
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What Is Social Media


It is 2010 now! These numbers must be nearing 100 percent, which means that just having profi les on Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough. You actually have to know how to use them and understanthe best practices and the best ways to implement them in your com- pany. Technology is changing rapidly, and if you aren’t keeping up-to- date with the latest trends, it’s going to really hurt your business. No one had even heard of Twitter in 2006, but today it has about 106 million users, and it receives more media attention than Kim Kar- dashian, Britney Spears, and Brad Pitt combined. Most marketers have embraced Twitter at the expense of other tools that might be just as, if not more, powerful and rewarding. Just because there are a lot of online tools now, that doesn’t mean traditional marketing tactics have lost their value. For instance, marketers are investing more than they ever have in direct marketing through targeted e-mail campaigns. Social media is revolutionary and has changed our culture because it has leveled the media playing fi eld and demolished corporate hier-archies. Now you can interact with executives without going through